Abyssinian Standard WCF

World Cat Federation(WCF)
 Total 100Points

Type, Body, Tail 20
Head and Ears 15
Eyes 10
Body Colour 25
Ticking 15
Texture 10
Condition 5

Medium long, elegant, firm, lithe, showing well developed muscular strength, solid to the feel. Tail long and tapering, broad at base. Legs to be sinewy, long and slim. Feet small and oval. Slender neck.
Modified wedge with slightly rounded contours. Firm chin; nose medium in length; profile gently curve.
Large, set wide apart; wide at base with moderately rounded tips. Ear inner furnishing and ,,thumb print" markings are desirable.
Large, brilliant and expressive, slightly almond shaped, set well apart. Eye colour to be pure, clear, intensive amber or green. For silver varieties green is preferred. In all colour varieties eye lids are encircled by the ticking colour (eye line).
Double, or preferably, treble ticking, i. e. two or three bands of colour on each single hair. The ticking to be evenly extended all over the body, free of any barring. The spine line, the tip of tail and heels are intensively coloured in the ticking colour. Chest, underside of body and inside of legs showing base colour without any ticking.
Short, fine and glossy with slight undercoat, but dense, resilient and close lying.
Broken necklace; grey or too light undercoat colour; lack of ticking; barring on front legs; ghost markings; no line of dark pigmentation round the eyes; white elsewhere than chin. Faults excluding the CAC: Unbroken necklace, white locket, barring on all four legs, too much grey undercoat.